For your Something Special...

In addition to his excellent live music packages, Andrew Healey also offers a great range of specialty services and amazing boutique experiences!

Tipples & Tunes Tours

In-home Music & Masterclasses


Looking for something extra special for your planned proposal? Andrew can provide the perfect live music soundtrack to make it spectacular!

Live Streaming

Perfect for online get-togethers or simply pumping Andrew's relaxed and groovy sounds through your home theatre system from afar, a personal live stream takes live music into the 21st Century. Share the music with friends near and far or even host a live-stream from your place - distance is no longer an excuse not to catch up and enjoy Andrew's amazing music. Also available for venues and other commercial applications.

Live Streaming from $50/hr

Quiz & Trivia Nights

Everyone loves a pub quiz and Andrew is no different! Trivia is a great way to break the ice among different groups of friends, family or colleagues and inserts a little bit of friendly rivalry into your event. Quizes can be general knowledge or specifically themed to suit any occasion. Andrew's expert hosting keeps the fun coming and the energy up while the challenge is on to find the quizmasters in your midst.

Custom Songwriting

Are you looking for an amazing gift for your partner or loved-ones? Could your business, team or group use a jingle or theme music for videos and advertisments? Andrew brings his 20+ years of songwriting experience to the table and allows you to collaborate with or commission him to produce the perfect song for you!

Custom Songs from $250 (inc. acoustic guitar/piano recording)

Funerals & Memorials

It's always hard to say good bye to loved-ones, no matter what the circumstances, and sometimes it just doesn't feel right without live music. Andrew offers beautiful, personalised live music for funerals and memorials, along with his caring and professional service.

Funerals & Memorials from $150